Release Ready Production With Your Vocals for $650

In Song Production By Andreas Sandlund

Release Ready Production With Your Vocals for $650

Release Ready Production With Your Vocals

Are you planning to release some music? Are you able to record your own vocals?
If the answer if yes and you need someone to assist you and produce your release then feel welcome to contact me.

I’m a music producer and songwriter located in Sweden but with music that has spread in countries around the world. I have been involved in many album releases and productions through the years, have worked with various artists and have collaborated with major publishers like for example Warner Chappell. I have also had music on TV series around the world, on major networks in Germany, France, UK, US etc.

I have a great deal of experience as a singer myself and in vocal production in general. For this service you need to be able to record your own vocals and I will build your track around it. The price includes production, arranging and mixing. I can do mastering or I can outsource it also to some external mastering studio, the latter option is not included in the price.

The way it would work is that you provide a demo, I would start producing based on that and then one would go from there, then when I would have come further in the production process I would need your vocal recording. Then I continue to produce it to finalize the song.

The Gift Of Christmas

Produced and mixed by me.
  • The Gift Of Christmas
  • Closer
  • Show Them Your Heart

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