Full Song Production with Real Instruments Mixed and Master for $175

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Matthew McLean

Full Song Production with Real Instruments Mixed and Master for $175

I am a multi-instrumentalist/composer/songwriter/producer/engineer with a wonderful studio and great instruments. I will perform all of the instruments for your song or bring in some of the great session musicians that I work with regularly.

I'm super easy to work with and I love what I do!

I'm comfortable working in many genres including pop, rock, indie, experimental, or jazz.

I love seeing a project through from beginning to end.

I have experience in many areas which allows me to help with songwriting and arranging or if you have the bones of your song done I can begin on all of the production and recording work. Instruments will be tracked through vintage Neve or API preamps and using a great collection of microphones. And, most importantly I have a very large live room that was designed for acoustic instruments. It sounds great! My studio has a professional hybrid setup with excellent outboard gear and all of the computer programs and plugins. When the recording process is complete I'll be able to deliver you a professionally mixed and mastered recording.

Want keyboards on your song? I will record a tasteful keyboard part on my Steinway grand piano, my Wurlitzer electric piano, or one of my many analog synths.

Need guitar? I work with two outstanding session guitarists who will record quality rhythm or lead parts through a vintage tube amp.

Drums? Yes, we have two Gretsch kits and a variety of different snare drums to capture the right sound for your song. Maybe you want programmed drums or a drum machine? Yes, I have an analog drum machine as well.

Need Bass? I have two outstanding session bassists who are available to play on your track, either electric or upright.

Would you like to have a string arrangement on your song? I will arrange and record a string arrangement from between 1 and 6 musicians. They will be recorded in a great-sounding room designed for acoustic instruments.

How about horns? I am a professionally trained jazz saxophonist and can provide you with tenor, alto, or baritone sax parts as well as flute or clarinet.

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This was written by me and recorded at my production studio. I arranged the strings and recorded them live.
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