Award Winning Producer. I will Produce you a song in my style for $225

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Award Winning Producer. I will Produce you a song in my style for $225


I am an award winning music producer who had label releases and run my own imprint, BirdsNest, which is distributed by 300 Entertainment. I worked with labels like Ten Music Group and Universal Music Sweden and produced for and with Drew Love, Omer Fedi, Denis Shapovalov, Gun Boi Kaz, Koi, Chandler Juliet, and others. I know how to make hits, so you can have full faith in me.

I specialize in Hip-Hop and Pop productions, but I made Rock, EDM, and even Gospel productions in the past. PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER! Price to do a production depends on genre and complexity as well as instruments needed. This is a gig for production ONLY, I do not offer songwriting or engineering here. I can mix and master the track when I am finished, but it will be an extra $50 charge.


Nothing complex, it just to prevent you from backing out of the gig for any reason. My time is money and people wasting it and my resources won't be tolerated.

I produce in FL Studio and mix and master in Pro Tools

Feel free to ask questions!

Pleasure doing business with you!

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  • Pop-Rock
  • Punk
  • Rap
  • Trap
  • Electronic

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