Song Production for $800

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Song Production for $800

Please note that each project is different and requires different amount of work. The price is estimate and may vary both up and down depending on your needs. Please get in touch to discuss specifically how to best approach your project time- and budget-wise.

Initial consultation
Consideration of the demo material. Reference pickup. Discussion on production style and clarification of client’s vision. Estimation of range of services to apply — which is dictated by material, vision and budget. Suggestion of possible session musicians that suit for the project. Discussion on the expected format of the release (Single, EP, Album) and the possible distributing techniques.

Transcription of the material into a suitable format, possibly including the creation of the notation in tablature format. Pre-production project setup in the DAW. Transcription of core instruments that form a skeleton of a song into digital MIDI format. Draft drum programming.

Consideration of the form of the song and the production style client is after. Melody/harmony enhancement and tweaking based on references and the message of the song. Addition of new lines if needed, consideration of different sections and overall dynamics of the song.

Hiring a studio which best suits for project needs, budget and sonic vision. Performing the tracking. Typically, one tracks the drums on top of pre-production (as a guide), then goes the bass and the guitars and finally vocals.

Post-Production; Editing
Consideration whether any post-production effects and synthesised sounds/layers is needed in order to complement the tracking. Performing the programming in the DAW on top of the multitrack. Determining whether any editing (i.e., vocal tuning, drum editing etc) is required and performing it.

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NST - Last Fight

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  • NST - Last Fight

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