Live Nashville World Class Production per song cost minimum of 3 songs for $2500

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Live Nashville World Class Production per song cost minimum of 3 songs for $2500

To be clear this is a 3 song package at $2500 per song so the total package is $7500 for 3 songs minimum.

Are you a great singer or songwriter that wants a great live recording experience? Want to record with hit song professionals? Come to Nashville and work in a top studio with excellent musicians and engineers. Country, Rock, Blues, and other genres are all options for this team.

I am a fast, versatile Emmy winning (and many other awards and recognition) Composer, Songwriter, Vocalist, Engineer, Music Producer, and Sound Designer. I have been on Airgigs over 5 years with over 100 Five Star reviews across various services.

I will work with you to prepare your material as much as needed before we go in so we both know exactly how the production will occur. Together we will edit and arrange your songs as needed, write out charts, and figure out exactly what you need to realize your musical vision.

The basic plan is we will cut 3 live song tracks in a 3 hour session with at least 4 local pro musicians. Then we will have 2 or 3, three hour sessions to cut vocals and other overdubs. Then we'll mix in another 3 or 4, three hour sessions. Of course this plan can be altered to your custom needs.

You will find I’m easy to work with, great at direction and creativity, expert and experienced. Let's schedule an interview and discuss how I can serve your musical vision. 

Thanks for your time and consideration, Leonard Wolf

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  • Neo soul

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