Ill create instrumental music for your podcast, youtube channel or tv commercial for $150

In Song Production By Sam Rogers

Ill create instrumental music for your podcast, youtube channel or tv commercial for $150

Hi my name is Sam Rogers aka Sentin. I have been writing music since I was 13 and love doing it for myself and I'm moving into doing it for other people.

I have written music for various podcasts, youtube videos, produced audio books and released my own EP last year. I love being creating and I'm willing to work with you and brainstorm to make your vision come to life.

Over the past several years I'm built out a decent home studio based in Quincy, MA. I have a decent amount of hardware as well all the standard plugins: Ozone, Komplete, Melodyne, Arturia V Collection

My Setup
Interface Ad/DA conversion:
- Motu 828es
- Ferrofish Pulse 16 (feeding the motu and the master clock)

2x Heritage Audio Britstrips
1x Tegeler Creme RC
1x Art TransY Compressor
1x Dangerous 2 Bus LT
1x Universal Audio LA610 MK II
1x Korg Minilogue XD

Arturia V Collection
Komplete 13 Ultimate
Vartious softube plugins
Various Waves Plugins

Guitar Setup:
Hughes And Kettner grandmeister 40
Orange Orange PPC112
Misc pedals

1x Larrivee OM-40R solid body acoustic
1x Fender Stratecaster Player Series
1x Fender Squire P Bass
1x Dillion Acoustic guitar

For us both to be successful please provide as much information as possible on what you want the finished product to sound like. For example providing a sample track and giving some sort of description of the overall sound you're going for

  • Ambient
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Blues


Jingle I wrote for Bake It Till You Make It's youtube video series
  • Jingle

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