Full Song Production - Detailed Radio Quality Arrangement, Production inc. Multi Instruments & Vocals + Professional Mixing for $600

In Song Production By Upcycled Sounds

Full Song Production - Detailed Radio Quality Arrangement, Production inc. Multi Instruments & Vocals + Professional Mixing for $600

Award-winning audio production company and record label founded in Paris and now based at Pony Studios, Hackney, London.

10+ years of experience working mostly in alt-pop, electronica, folk, jazz, soul, prog but open to all genres. We’ve worked with the BBC, ITV, Pinewood Studios, RAK Studios and Lucas Studios, with artists including Liz Fraser, Bernard Butler, Eliza Shaddad, Fémina, Fishbach, Juliette Armanet, Sam Lee, TEN FÉ, Afghan Women’s Orchestra, SEED ensemble, London Contemporary Voices, Jungle By Night, Papooz and Max Reinhardt.

From our London studio we offer:
- Arranging and producing a full track. We're multi-instrumentalists (drums, bass, guitar, synths, piano, vocals, clarinet) with a well-equipped professional studio with lots of great hardware and synths.
- Songwriting. including music, melodies and lyrics
- Reharmonising: chords, vocal harms etc.
- Recording / Programming. includes drums, bass, guitars, all midi synths etc, male / female vocals, string arranging
- Vocal production. vocal arranging e.g. tuning, comping, time alignment
- Mixing.

We'll work hard to make your track shine and work with you to find your unique sound. We're happy to work with anything from a little voice memo that needs a full arrangement and mix, to produced tracks that need a final mix.

We create a unique sound world for the artist, spending time learning about your influences and your vision for the track. It's essential that you feel you're walking away with tunes that sound great, move listeners and feel like you.

Full Track Production w. rough mix:

Full Track Production w. Radio Ready professional mix:

Demo Track Production w. rough mix:

Professional mix of your already produced song


'Epically produced' – Amazing Radio

'Delicious poise and adventurous production' – BBC Radio 6

'Beautiful. Blew me away' – BBC Radio 1

'Bold electronic approach' – BBC Radio 3


Neve 8816
Neve 8804
Neve 1073LB and EQ 500 series
Shadowhill Dual Vandergraph 500 series
Tube Tech CL 1 B
Soundskuptor MP5.66 (valve PreAmp)
Thermionic Culture Swift EQ
Neumann KMS 85
Coles 4038
Juno 106
Prophet Rev 2
Moog Grandmother
Jen Sx 1000
Modular Synth Array inc. Mimeophone, Plate, Rings, Nebulae, Clouds
Kemble upright piano
Fender JazzBass 60th anniversary
Fender Stratocaster Deluxe
Custom Fender Tweed Deluxe Valve Amp

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