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Hi! I'm Martin. I’m a music producer, singer, songwriter and I specialize in Pop music.
I love to produce with as many real instruments as I can, but I also use virtual instruments like synths or pre-recorded sounds to make songs unique. I have true passion for pop music from all decades. It's amazing how sounds and styles evolve!
The Standard and Premium packages are ready for Spotify and all the other streaming services. Also, you’ll own 100% of the rights.
If you also need vocals, you can go for the premium package and I’ll sing on your song, including a full vocal production. If you need female vocals or any other special need, let me know. I work with a team of super talented musicians and I will probably have a solution.
I strive to make sure you are 100% happy with your song, so I offer unlimited revisions before the project is completed.
Let's talk! Send me a message and let’s start talking about your new project.

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