Vocal editing & pitch correction for $50

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Vocal editing & pitch correction for $50

I provide manual vocal editing and pitch correction for a song up to 5 minutes and 10 vocal tracks. If there are more tracks and the duration of the song is longer, I can create a custom offer for that. My vocal editing process is following:
First I go through the tracks and clean them up by removing all the unwanted noise from the tracks only keeping the vocal parts. Then I do the aligning for the lead vocal track manually keeping natural result in mind. After this, I use the lead vocal track as a guide to align the background vocals. Sometimes I use Vocalign to do this, but only if it sounds good. Then I check the dynamics of the tracks. If a compressor was used while tracking, there isn't much to do at this point, but if not and there are some big dynamic changes between the words and syllables, I do manual volume changes to them. By doing this, the compressor(s) can work a bit easier when mixing, and it sounds better. If they are harsh vocals, like screaming or growling, this usually isn't necessary as they are ofter times compressed quite heavily afterwards anyway.
Then I do the pitch correction minding the style of the song and your preference how corrected you want them to sound. Of course this depends greatly on the level of the performance. Lastly I bounce the files and see everything is in check.

If you have more songs to work on, I am happy to create a custom offer with a discount.

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