Rock Music Production Services for $350

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Rock Music Production Services for $350


Hi! My name is Jonathan Di Renzo, I'm an argentinean rock producer/songwriter/multi session instrumentalist/mixer and mastering engenieer residing in Tampa, FL. I have 20 years of experience as a musician and 7 as a mixering/mastering engenieer. I have been working with local artists and I've been wanting to expand and produce remotely as well!

I have 5 albums released and numerous singles, which I self produced and played every instrument in most of them. I have produced, mixed, mastered and played as a session player in many other projects as well.

My main instruments are electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, and drums.

I edit, mix and master in Pro Tools. You can start a project from zero with me, bring your demo and I will make it come to life, I can collaborate with you on your songs and help you write parts for them. Or I can play guitar, bass, keys, drums or sing in your poject, or I can mix or master your tracks. Or I can do all of it!

Very much looking forward to working with you!

Apollo Firewire, AKG 414AT 4041, Martin acoustic guitars, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone Gibson 335, Red Special BMG, Fender Jazz Bass, Hofner Bass, Marshall JCM900c, Orange Tiny Terror, Vox AC15, Yamaha Drums Rock Tour

  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop-Rock
  • Funk
  • Folk
  • Blues

Jonathan Di Renzo - Whatever Its Coming

I wrote, produced, and recorded everything except the drums in this song. I edited, mixed and mastered
  • Jonathan Di Renzo - Whatever Its Coming
  • David Potts - Some Other Sky
  • Joey Rod - My Destiny
  • Tommy Tutone - Solitary Man
  • Jonathan Di Renzo - Now And Then

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