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Whats going on airgigs, my name is Chris I am a audio engineer & producer, specializing in all genres (mostly popular genres like hip hop/r&b/etc). I tend to emulate the style of the sounds included on popular Spotify playlists like Get Turnt, Most Necessary, Rap Caviar. I am pretty much the guy you come to when you need a song/track finished or enhanced. I do everything from editing, recording mixing, mastering, cleaning, blending, tuning and producing. I will bring your track to LIFE. Feel free to reach out and talk about what you need. Little bit about me -- I am an investment professional focused particularly in global fixed income and currency markets, and have always had a passion for music from when I listened to Korn in 1st grade because my mom let me. I took producing seriously in 2019, and I hoped to make enough money during the Covid selloff to be able to focus on music full time. Instead I've been involved in passion projects both at work and in my personal life via music. I'm looking to work with as many eager and motivated artists and musicians as possible.

I started freelancing when the pandemic started and I devoted more time and effort towards enhancing my music production skills in Ableton Live 10 (then). I've engineered, mixed, mastered and/or produced thousands of songs from various genres, including remixes and straight up covers all inspired by my favorite artists/producers Ghosty, 808 Mello, Metro Boomin, Lil Durk, 21 Savage, Future, etc., but I like to be challenged by various sounds, and look to artists to inspire ideas to ensure the final product achieves the desired outcome.

  • Hip Hop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Latin
  • Rap
  • Trap

Money Diet

Original (Demo)
  • Money Diet
  • For A Nut (remix)

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