Song Production for $200

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Song Production for $200

Would love to produce your song in my little home studio, the Ivory Tower here in Nashville. I have a slew of instruments and some great sample libraries as well. I use an SM7 to record vocals and some acoustic instruments. I tune with the latest version of Antares Autotune. I work out of Pro Tools. I offer 5 full revisions. Believe that I want you to be very satisfied! I like to first get any pre-production and/or references you have for your song, as well as WAVs of your vocals. Then I dig right in. I'll send a sample to make sure I'm in the right neighborhood of what you want, and then take off from there.

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Wrath (Take One)

By: Carousel Rogues
  • Wrath (Take One)
  • Years (Shifting Sand)
  • Dream + Fades

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