Toronto Producer - Full Modern Pop Song Production for $300

In Song Production By Cinco Sound

Toronto Producer - Full Modern Pop Song Production for $300

I am a Pop & RnB Music specialist.
I will produce a radio ready pop song from scratch in my home studio.

- Consultation and Communication
- Full Session Files (Ableton Live 11/Studio One 5 Project Files)
- Mixed & Mastered Beat (24/16 bit Final Mixdowns & Masters)
- 5 FREE Revisions

Here is the Process:

- Once you have picked me to be your pop producer, we will discuss dates that work for both of us and you will be scheduled in.

- Sometime between contracting me you will send me any Demo's or reference tracks for the type of sound you want to go for.
- As much as I would like to go off a blank canvas, having a point of reference prevents me from creating something that is completely different from the type of sound you are trying to achieve.

- Once i finish the first draft on the production the following steps are as follows:

1 | Cinco sends the "Full Production"

2 | You spend a week (or so) gathering a lengthy list of minor revisions ("Remove the lead synth at xx:xx. Increase the length of the chorus/verse section from xx:xx to xx:xx by an extra 4 bars" etc).

3 | Cinco adds the revision request to his to-do list and completes them during his next available revision calendar slot. 

4 | Rinse and repeat for revision round 2, 3, 4 and 5 (if needed)

5 | Once the song has been arranged and composed to the artist's liking Cinco will add the final mix & master for the beat to his calendar and submit all files.

By revision round 5, the 99% of artists have a mix they're ready to receive final masters for. If you're part of the 1% who need additional revisions, they can be completed for a flat fee per revision.

Note: Additional rounds of revisions are always FREE
if they are needed to correct an error of my own making! 

- Once the final version of the song is finished, I will send over the final WAV Mixdowns and Masters.

- The entire project is usually completed within 1 to 2 weeks of the first scheduled date of beat making. 
- The largest contributing factor of total time is the revision process.
- The faster you get the revisions to me, the quicker the entire process goes. 

Gem - Malibu

I Produced This Song
  • Gem - Malibu
  • Dan Garcia - Ven
  • J Scott - Edible
  • CASH - Runaway
  • Gilly Banks - Wreckless
  • CASH - It's You

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