Full Pop Song Production + Mixing and Mastering for $250

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Daniel Bohen

Full Pop Song Production + Mixing and Mastering for $250

I'm an independent artist myself so I know the whole process up and down and I understand what it's like to want to have every single detail be perfect.

The aim of every production, is to create something that achieves two goals:
1) To deliver your vision and message
2) To have the standards of other songs in your field/genre
So it's very helpful that we communicate well and to talk about different ideas and references that can make the end result sound like how you imagined it.

I make sure we end up creating something we both love, so the number of revisions doesn't matter. I first build a fast demo to see if you like the overall idea. If you did, I'll move on to finishing the song and afterwards we can take a few days where you listen to it more and tell me to change any details you want.
I don't work fast! I really believe in taking the time to come up with the right ideas, not just anything. However, I will deliver the finished song in under 10 days, and the length of the project depends on how many changes you need.

I also offer solo production, or solo mixing and mastering which you can find in my services. However I have the habit of mixing while sound designing, so I can deliver a better product if you choose this service over the production alone.

  • Pop
  • Trap
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Dubstep

Daniel Bohen - Goddess

(Pop, Disco) Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Bohen
  • Daniel Bohen - Goddess
  • Daniel Bohen - Meaning of Life
  • Daniel Bohen - U.N.I UNITED

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