Music production for $200

In Song Production By Federico René Valsecchi

Music production for $200

I always focus on creativity and sound quality. It's my goal to help artists to define their sound, so do not hesitate in hiring me if you need a producer alongside for your development.

Vocal mixing, pitch correction, and mastering services can be added.
Check more beats in my Youtube channel in the "Video" tab.

Ask me for your budget.

About me:
I'm a producer with years of experience in a lot of different styles, actually focusing on Trap, Rap, and Pop. Anyway, I have worked on a lot of experimental projects, including jazz, experimental rock, instrumental hip hop, and IDM, so I offer out-of-the-box thinking always. I can produce your song from scratch to the final mastered file.

I was born in Argentina, I studied piano since I was a child. At the age of 17, I moved to Buenos Aires where I studied piano at EMC (Jazz, Berklee international network) and at UNA (Classical) and production at Sonica (private music production institute).

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Custom beat created for a Fiverr client in 72 hs
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  • Horror Short Story
  • Black Diamond
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