Full Studio Band, Production & Professional Mix for Your Song, recorded by Nashville session players for $999

In Song Production By The Bakery - Nashville

Full Studio Band, Production & Professional Mix for Your Song, recorded by Nashville session players for $999

Looking to bring your next hit song to life with the mixing & production expertise of Nashville studio musicians & engineers? Send us your demo or work tape, and we'll handle the rest.

The Bakery is a collective of Nashville music professionals dedicated to creating new music that is unique, innovative, and produced at Music City's highest quality standards. Our musicians bring over 50 years' combined experience in touring & recording in Nashville to the table. Depending on your project's genre & style, we will put together a team of experienced players + engineer that have the best "fit" for your desired sound. Our musical backgrounds include country, rock, pop, folk/Americana, jazz, classical and more, making our team well-suited to handle even the most unique types of crossover artists & songs.

We'll start with a core session band, including your choice of any or all of the following instruments:
- Drums & live percussion
- Pads, samples, electronic beats
- Bass
- Acoustic & Electric Guitar
- Keyboards (piano, B3, synth & more)
- Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo
- Electric Violin
- Lap Steel & Pedal Steel

For an additional fee, we can also provide...
- Full string sections (violin, viola, cello, bass + arranged parts)
- Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Ethnic Woodwinds, or full horn sections

After basic tracks are completed, send us your vocal take and we will complete the package with a pro-level lead vocal treatment (including Melodyne) and background vocals recorded from our studios. Your final track will be mixed by an A-Level Nashville engineer, upload-ready for streaming services & online distributors. We can't wait to help you make your next HIT song!

Full list of services offered with this package:
- ONE (1) full-band track, recorded & mixed by Nashville professionals
- Virtual pre-production meeting with your producer to discuss arrangement, instrumentation, etc.
- Full band instrumental track including any of above-listed instruments. 1 revision/re-take is allowed before recording vocals
- Background vocals recorded after receiving lead vocal track
- Industry-grade final mix including vocal production. 2 revisions are included.

All tracks will be recorded from professional home studios in Nashville. Gear/plugins include: Antelope Audio pres & modeling mics, Kemper Profiler, Logic Pro/ProTools with Slate, UAD, Waves, Absolute, iZotope plugins/virtual instruments, and more (message us for details).

  • Country
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Americana
  • Folk

"Case of Corona" ft. Matt Rogers

Original country song recorded & produced by The Bakery
  • "Case of Corona" ft. Matt Rogers
  • Vintage Pop/Songwriter instrumental sample
  • Rock instrumental sample
  • Modern Pop instrumental sample
  • Pop Country instrumental sample
  • Modern Country instrumental sample

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