From one chord, a beat or a melody into a full song... for $75

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Tamas Tomisheep Barany

From one chord, a beat or a melody into a full song... for $75

I spent 25 years in the music business as a musician, composer, arranger and sound engineer. A lot to share. I can help artists with tuning, playing, singing, timing, harmonies, chord progression, layers, orchestration, mic technics, editing, mixing, etc. I can add instruments to songs like acoustic piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, horns, strings, etc.. I have plenty of musicians handy... also can do a cheaper demo version with software. In my studio I mostly work on Mac computers with Pro Tools and a high-end RME converter and all the industry standard plug-ins available today. I have plenty of acoustic and electric instruments and studio mics to work with. If I don't have something, I'm renting it the same day. I'm open minded and relaxed. I worked in recording studios for long years and learned the essence and pretty much all the aspects of music making and to get the best out of artists. I did award winning albums from Classical music to Folk, Rock, Pop, Latin, Hip-Hop and Jazz. If it's well done, I like them all. I'm very honest about my feelings. If something doesn't sound right for me and it's important, I will tell you straight but I can also help you fix it. I'm not that guy who charge you for every move or suggestion, don't worry. If I like you and your music I will do way more than what you're paying for. Give me a shout, let's have a chat and see how it goes... All the best till then! T.

  • Latin
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Singer-Songwriter

Who's the winner?

My instru-mental piece with a little help from my friends...
  • Who's the winner?
  • Blow your head off
  • Action Jacksons
  • Mix of beats and grooves
  • Latin happy live hip hop
  • A sexy latino guy who can't live without his lady friend...
  • French Canadian R&B
  • Intro
  • A bit odd by Djoumbush
  • Dark piano bar. Smoke. Drinks. Jazz band plays...
  • Devil's Rock
  • Jesus' World Music
  • Love
  • Country style thingy
  • Pop Rock tune
  • Classical guitar theme

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