The sky is the limit for $75

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Tamas Tomisheep Barany

The sky is the limit for $75

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I worked for 25 years in studios and the live music scene. Worked with countless bands and records as a musician, composer, arranger and or sound engineer. I like opening up a new dimension for a simple chord progression or melody or both... I play many instruments and use software but also can hire local professionals on each instrument to make it to a higher level. You can hear it from the few audio samples (what I can legally share) that I like to do pretty much any genre.
I work with different software and hardware. Mainly Macintosh computers with Pro Tools and a high-end RME converter and all the industry standard plug-ins. I have in my studio an acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, electric guitars and basses, an acoustic drum set, plenty of professional studio mics. 100% money back guaranty so you have nothing to lose to try me. Also I will work around your budget if I like you and your music. All the best till then! T.

Slow Pop-ish...

I did the arrangement, keys, recording and mix
  • Slow Pop-ish...
  • Acoustic up beat whatever
  • R&B French
  • Pop Rock
  • Classical guitar hip hop something...
  • Jesus' world music
  • Yeeeeehaaaa!
  • Devil's Rock
  • Modern-ish Latin-ish
  • Bachata, Salsa sexy thing...

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