Full Song Production in Rock/Pop, Americana, Folk styles for $550

In Song Production By Pete Jacobs

Full Song Production in Rock/Pop, Americana, Folk styles for $550

My independent studio resides in Nashville and features a Neve Genesys Recording Console (fully recallable analog) as well as a rack full of easily recallable analog tube and transformer based mixing and mastering gear for a euphonic sound quality! (Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine tube compressor, Crane Song Trakkers, WesAudio Dione [SSL bus comp style], 4 Mimas's [1176 style], Hyperion [parametric eq], Prometheus [Pultech style eq], NGBusComp [mastering grade VCA transformer loaded comp], and Barefoot MM45 Speakers)

In the past, I have worked with grammy winning engineer Joe Ferla and Matthew Ellard, as well as doing some prep work on a mix project with none other than my personal idol mix engineer, Michael Brauer. I have produced countless Nashville artists ranging from Americana to Modern Rock.

As for my process, I start with a pre-production map of the song and what we want to accomplish, discussing references, general vibe, and any specific details that are important to the lyrics or instrumentals. We then get the basic tracks (foundational rhythm such as drums, bass, rhythm guitar, keyboard) of the song recorded followed by overdubs of vocals and auxiliary instruments, solos, doubles as needed. We then assess the song to see if it needs any more or less before going on to editing and mixing.

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