Pop Song Production with Mixing & Mastering for $249

In Song Production By Harry Price

Pop Song Production with Mixing & Mastering for $249

Send me a message so I can make you a custom offer!

You have an idea but you need a talented producer to turn it into a fresh clean modern pop song that would sit perfectly on an official Spotify playlist? Let me take your idea and turn it into just that! I will make a custom instrumental for you (if you have vocals recorded I will mix those too).

My name is Harry Price. I've released songs that have over 100k streams on streaming services. I've been producing, mixing and mastering music for nearly 10 years! I make sure your song has that 'pop through the speakers' feel.

On top of Song production, your song will receive:
- Leveling
- EQ
- Compression
- Widening
- Saturation
- Many more techniques that ultimately ensure an amazing sounding mix and master.

Contact me and we can discuss your project!

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  • Pop-Rock
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  • Electronic

Only One

  • Only One
  • So Bad
  • Faded
  • Do Re Mi
  • Topoh Chica

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