Ill produce and record your song Country, Modern Country, Americana, Folk for $350

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Ill produce and record your song Country, Modern Country, Americana, Folk for $350

I'm Ariel, music producer, love country music, so please read the following message about the process and let's record a great song!

Info about production:
I can do a song ready for radios, streaming platforms and awards. A song ready to go.

The process is simple, what I need is:
- A Demo (guitar+vocals, piano, or acapella) could be a professional demo or just a phone voice note. if you just have lyrics, I can create music from the scratch, no worries.
- I need a song reference for the sound and style you looking for your music (YouTube or Spotify links are enough).
- I check the demo, structure, vision how could be competitive in music industry, and let you know if everything is ok or if we have to discuss something before recording.
- I produce and record all instrumentation and mix all instruments and send you back a full song produced and recorded. Price for instrumental song is $350.- (check the instrument list I have for your music).

Extra features:
- In case you want mixing vocals, I offer that service for +$40.- extra and include mastering as free. So at the end of the road you have a song ready to release.

What I don't do:
- I don't create lyrics, vocal melodies, record vocals or backing vocals.

- in the order I mark "commercial use", so the song is completely yours. Normally I ask be added as producer in Spotify or another streaming platforms, that help me to grow in music industry thanks to you.

Check my productions 👇🏻 This is what I do and how all songs were created in the same way/process with passion in this beautiful road called music.

Thank you and hope be part of your music,

Ariel Delgado
Music Producer
Credits: The Voice +350 songs recorded, Disney Channel, Sony Music artists, Paul McCartney's guest artist Freshen Up Tour 2019, and many more.

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