Full Song Production for $300

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Full Song Production for $300

Hey there

I'm a musician with 12+ years of studio and stage experience with different project and artists. Been working since 2009 with my personal projects as well as other artists, DJs and music producers. Out of musical curiosity I've been involved in punk-rock, electronica, r&b, indie-rock, a little bit of hip-hop and synth-pop music in the latest years learning the works of music writing and what makes a good song pop.
No matter the gear you have around, the number of instruments or other expensive equipment, a well written song will always transcend through the speakers and into the heart of the listener.
I can help you tailor the sound that fits YOUR musical profile, write catchy melodies, arrange or compose lyrics on your instrumental/song or write music for your ready to go vocal lines.

My weapon of choice is Logic Pro X along with a variety of gear for producing quality instrumentals:
- Audient id22
- Personus Quantum
- Bock 251
- Audio-Tehcnica At4040
- Guitar Pedals
- Kali lp-6 Studio Monitors and others.
Prices for songwriting and production start at $200 and vary depending on the size/nr. of tracks of your project.
Mixing and mastering starts at $120.
Please contact me for more info in personalised quotes.

Looking forward in hearing more about your project!

  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Neo soul

Make a Move

Drums and Bass
  • Make a Move
  • Dance
  • TIAR
  • HOF

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