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Hi! Im an experienced music producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, work predominantly in pop, indie, rock, blues and alternative genres. I do great productions with a variety of instruments.

Here are some examples:

• Vocal
• Backing vocal
• Acoustic guitar
• Electric guitar
• Piano
• Electric Pianos
• Clavinet
• Hammond Organ
• Synths
• Drums
• Bass
• String section
• Horn section
• Samples
• And so on...

I also do sound design to some extent and work meticulously to find fitting sounds for the song and match the elements.

I have great sample libraries with a vast diversity of sounds, but we can also hire real musicians to copy what we created (but make it more nuanced) or create a new part. Sometimes its needed to make the production more authentic.

Check out my audio samples and hit me up to do your production. Peace!

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A variety of music flavours produced by me 😊
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