I'll be your Music Producer for $150

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Brenner

I'll be your Music Producer for $150

My name is Brenner. I'm a musician graduated by Berklee College of Music in Music production , Songwriting and Performance. My main instruments is guitar and acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

In this gig I will do a full production of your song from a sound scratch, a melody line, lyrics a voice memo, An acoustic guitar and voice songwriter track and transform them into radio ready productions in any style you desire.

I work on a fully acoustic treated professional home studio, I use a focusrite Clarett (capable of 24bits/192kHz) as a professional quality interface with fantastic pres and AD/DA conversors,
a PRS guitar and Ibanez JS (for rock solos) a Martin Alternative X limited edition acoustic guitar steal string, a Takamine Classical Guitar, A Jerry Jones Sitar Guitar (that emulates a sound of a Sitar but is played o the guitar), a Variax Midi guitar with GR-55 for crazy synth guitar timbers and a Precision Noiseless Bass.

As for pedals I use a Talk Box from TC Helicon that can produce any talk box, Vocoder Synth Sound, Vocoder Chord....absolutely amazing. A Whammy pedal, a Jim Dunlop's Cry Baby Wha Wha and a Mini Q-tronfrom Electro Harmonix.

As DAW I use Logic Pro X in a very fast Mac Pro,
Plugins and Soft Instruments:
- Waves (almost all of them)
- FabFilter
- La-2A
- Universal Audio 1156
- Guitar Rig
- Amplitube
- Melodyne
and lot's more


I produced. played and programmed everything in this fine tune by Jonjo Swann
  • Champagne
  • Champagne (Remix)
  • I Am a Leader
  • Secrets
  • Toxic Flowers

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