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Producer for $500

Whether you’re planning on recording a simple demo or a full length album, AudioAuthorities has got you covered. Studio owner Nomad Ovunc is an experienced arranger and producer whose credentials include everything from roots/Americana acts to jazz to symphony orchestras. He can assist you in finding the right players, and help create the perfect sonic landscape for your project. We are proud to offer a warm, welcoming environment which will spark creativity and nurture your recording every step of the way.

The studio is home to a Yamaha GC1 baby grand piano, a vintage Gretsch Stop Sign Badge drum kit and three separate tracking rooms. We are equipped with gear from Neve, Universal Audio, Neumann, Empirical Labs, AKG and many others in order to help you realize your vision.

Nomad has access to some of Nashville's best A list session musicians. Through skype or facetime our clients can experience the session live and have input as the music unfolds, avoiding unnecessary revisions and tension.

At this price point, we can offer a kick ass sounding 4 piece band. Drums, bass, guitar/utility, keys. By overdubbing our multi instrumentally talented session player, we can cover a huge range of music!

Mixing and mastering also included.

If the project requires a horn section, an orchestral arrangement or specialty instruments such as banjo, vocals or fiddle'll be an add-on cost to the base $500. Cost depends on what's needed.

Tony Poptamas

  • Tony Poptamas
  • various demos
  • Tommy Tietjen EP
  • Nicolette's Record
  • Hope Dunbar's record

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