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Do you already have an instrumental track and want a singer to lay down some vocals so that you can release your song already?
Well even after that is done you'll still need someone to edit and mix those vocals. Someone to make sure that they fit with the music and that you've achieved the overall tone you're looking for. Then, even once you get past that, you'll need to find someone to master your song. Or you can just hire me and I can do all that for you...
I'm a studio guitarist and singer-songwriter turned sound engineer with years of experience collaborating with independent artists as well as multiple producers from across the globe.
I opened my own recording studio a few years back and am ready to start working on your project as soon as possible.
I use Logic Pro X, paired with a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and either an Audio Technica or a Sure microphone.

I will gladly make 3 revisions to the vocals free of charge. However, any changes to the original lyrics or melody will not be considered revisions but rather a new order.
As far as the mixing, I understand that it's a lot more nuanced so I'll revise as much as you want over the next week to ensure we achieve the precise sound that you are looking for!

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