Music producer, Arranger, remote mixing for $300

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Music producer, Arranger, remote mixing for $300

I have mixed/produced thousands of tracks and I am a voting member of the Grammys and the Emmys. My work has been or is being listened to by MILLIONS of people on a daily basis-network, cable TV, Netflix, Hulu etc.

If you are looking for a producer/mixer with a proven track record then look no further. My years of successful producing and mixing music for film, television and records are a testament of what you can expect when you hire a seasoned pro. I have both the gear and the ears but most of all the experiences to make your music sound PHENOMENAL, broadcast ready for streaming etc. Name any hit TV show of the last 8-10 years and most likely you will have heard my work. Any genre, any style I have done it!
Waves Apple Eventide Lexicon Focusrite Native Instruments FabFilter

Wake Up!

Pop song (mixing/production)
  • Wake Up!
  • Through the ruins
  • Highway creatures

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