In Song Production By Julian R. Fogel



I can arrange and produce YOUR composition. I can work from a demo tape, or from simple recording of you singing the melody,

You will get:
- HIGH QUALITY final mix in a looseles format.
- FULL OWNERSHIP of rights to the music recording and composition.*
- HIGH QUALITY INSTRUMENTALversion of the song (for you to use as a backing track or karaoke).
- 4 (four) revisions during the production process!

I record all guitar, keyboard and bass tracks necessary, and either program the drums or hire a drummer (in case you prefer a real drum sound). I can also hire backup singers and other instrumentalists. I also do the full mix and mastering process.

Genres I work in ---> pop, rock, metal, folk/world, academic/classical, meditation/new age.. I can slo do latin genres, and beats,

The current special fee is $230 FINAL PRICE for a standard 3' song*. For a full table of lenghts and fees please contact me.

In case you're not decided yet, you can just message me for a chat!

* For details about ghostwriting gigs and other rights-related inquiries, please contact me.

** Bass, guitar, and keyboard parts played by the producer are included. Fee also includes 1 (one) revision session at every one of the following milestones when they exist: mockup, partial instrumentation, full instrumentation; as well as 1 revision session (one) during the final mixing/mastering stage. Fee doesn't include additional expenses including but not limited to: extraordinary transportation, hiring players/singers, renting third party recording locations, extraordinary study hours, etc.

Latin (Radio Jingle)

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  • Latin (Radio Jingle)
  • Metal (Extreme)
  • Full Song Production Reel
  • Metal (Prog Ballad)
  • Pop (Beach pop)
  • Pop (Educational)
  • Pop (Electronic)
  • Pop Rock (Acoustic)
  • Rock (Acoustic)
  • Rock (Hip hop groove)
  • Rock (Foo Fighters style)
  • Rock (Symphonic)
  • World (Argentine Folk)
  • Background Music (Poetry)
  • Educational
  • Latin (Politician Jingle)

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