Full production for your song for $300

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Full production for your song for $300

You are a songwriter.
I am a song producer.
you make the art.
I design a suite for it.
I am capable of giving it the spark of life it needs.
equipped with all kinds of instruments (drums, horns, strings, guitar , piano,bass guitars, and even synths) and with 15 years of arranging and composing for various kinds of genres.
I am here for you, and willing to dive into your song and add the missing pieces for it to be ready to release.

I look at any song as something that is too individual to fix the amount of tracks or takes upfront. therefore, I offer this service with Unlimited Tracks, and with Unlimited Edits. The main goal is that you feel happy with the result.

I am also realistic and I know there might be a certain percent of the people that won't be very please with any result, so I will allow up to 4 revisions, in which we are suppose to be able to collaborate in the most efficient way possible.

I hope to here from you,
Acp concept studios

Digging wounds

A song written and produced by me
  • Digging wounds
  • Nua Pnima
  • Diamonds

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