Recording in North London based studio for $150

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Recording in North London based studio for $150

A day (6-7 hours) recording vocals, guitars, bass, piano, or anything... except heavy drums (light percussion is fine).

The studio is based in Enfield north London. It is a cosy and warm space, not at all like a large or expensive studio that can often feel intimidating and a cold environment to make music in. Gear wise, my place packs a mighty punch! (See the pictures for the list, if you're into that kinda thing). Also, a real piano, and lots of instruments you can use.

I'm friendly, patient, experienced in tracking and mixing almost everything, and happy to give tips on production too. I have an advanced diploma in studio recording. For a living I mostly work as a live sound engineer in venues around London including Cecil Sharp House, Hard Rock Hotel, Soho House, and Sofar sounds.

I like to work with bands and artists who are looking to get some recordings down that do them justice and help them reach the next stage of gigging/promotion/representation. Often you can find yourself going into a studio and its a rush job because it's expensive, and the engineer doesn't really care that much about you as an artist, they're just happy to have some work. I am willing to forge an ongoing relationship with you and acknowledge the reality that sometimes it takes a while to get recordings finished, and not everyone has endless disposable funds.

I'm happy to work on new or existing projects as purely an engineer, or to oversee the whole project as recordist and mixer. Of course, the finer details can be discussed.

Ifwhat I've written here seems like what you're looking for then I'd be interested to hear from you.

Lost Love

by Tom Hyatt
  • Lost Love
  • I Don't Believe In Sorrow
  • Better Man

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