Country / Pop Master-ish DEMOS Male Vocals for $500

In Song Production By Chris Sligh

Country / Pop Master-ish DEMOS Male Vocals for $500

I am a songwriter and singer. I produce demos every day for songs that I write and I produce the demos to be what I call "Master-ish" -- if the artist I'm writing with wants to get these songs to master level, they can do so for cheap and with little addition. I get comments on my demos consistently by labels and publishing companies.

I'm offering that service to you. Listen to the samples. Your songs could have the same professional vibe.

If you'd like to have a female vocalist on your song, let me know and we'll work out a price (Usually $100 more - I have to hire the singer and bring them in to sing it).

  • Country
  • Folk
  • Rock

Nothing's Possible

Pop/Country Demo
  • Nothing's Possible
  • Kids In Love
  • Make It Out Alive
  • Whatever You're Up For
  • Shoulda Been a Hit
  • Thinkin' Bout My Future
  • Live It Forwards
  • Haley's Comet
  • We Got a Thing
  • Wasted Wine
  • Last Cigarette
  • Never Get Old
  • Used to Could

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