Programmed drums and bass for your song for $75

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Programmed drums and bass for your song for $75

Hey Guys

I’ll create a drum and or bass part for your song,

approx 4 minutes long

I know that I’ll be able to turn that around to you in 7 days. If your not happy I’ll refund your money.

My name is Matthew Sammut, I have been playing guitar, bass and drums over over 25 years now.

And I am looking forward to hearing what we can create together, I currently in a basic two piece rock band at the moment here on the Sunshine Coast where we also work over the internet. So I have experienced what it’s like working online for the past six months and I have enjoyed every part of it.

let’s rock!!

I can create multiple wave files for all of the drum and bass parts and then those files are yours forever.

  • Prog rock
  • Punk
  • Rock

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