Guitar, Synth, Piano, Bass, Drum Programming for $125

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Guitar, Synth, Piano, Bass, Drum Programming for $125

Recording and arranging of your choice of 1 of the following: Guitar, Synth, Piano, or Drum Programming. I am a highly experienced producer, composer, and instrumentalist ready to taken on your production needs across many genres. I have an arsenal of high quality pre amps compressors, microphones and amps to provide you with the quality we're all looking for in our recordings. Choose from vintage synths, live pianos, a wurlitzer as well as a large selection of both acoustic and electric guitars to record with. All audio samples include only tracks I've performed recorded and produced entirely on my own in my studio.

*NOTE - Each item is provided a la carte so if you'd like more than one you will need to place multiple order.

Bass Groove

  • Bass Groove
  • Guitar Solo
  • Pop Track
  • Emotional Pop Rock
  • Rock Track
  • Synth Pop
  • Dance Pop
  • Pop Rock
  • Live Piano
  • Acoustic Guitar

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