Full Musical Productions For Singers for $300

In Backing Tracks 100% Guarantee By Jeremy Gardner

Full Musical Productions For Singers for $300

Hi there, I would be honored to have you sing against one my my custom written songs as a backing track to feature your vocal so thanks for checking out my gig.

My name is Jeremy and I am a songwriter, producer and musician. I am offering a fully produced backing track for you to sing against. I have been a musician, producer and songwriter for the last 30 years or so, and have recorded over 200 complete songs in my home studio.

I am sure there are plenty of experienced people out there, and I have only had great experiences on Airgigs so you would probably be in good hands with any of them, however I can assure you should you select me that you will get a recording to sing against that is custom, one of a kind and something you can be proud of.

For me, this is a purely creative venture, I treat every song I write as its own work of art, and in my opinion the songs I produce are very interesting, satisfying to listen to and don't sound like everything else out there. I write every note of the music myself, and record every track here in my home studio in Los Angeles, Ca.

I generally use loops for drums or program drums in the computer, however should you want live drums I can also accomplish that for a small up charge.

I use protools as my daw, and I have a over 200 different plug ins to sculpt my productions just right. I also have nearly every Roland keyboard sound out there, and monitor my mixes on Roland DS-90s.

I have an extensive Mic collection, but mainly use a Blue Bottle Rocket for my acoustic guitar recordings.

If you have come this far hopefully you have checked out my recordings, I take each song very seriously and would do the same for yours. recording these songs is a thoughtful process and it takes time. I treat it seriously and try deliver value for your money. If you choose to purchase the gig, we can discuss the direction to be sure that we feel connected to the project before we proceed. Also, I must limit the length of your project to around 4 minutes please.

I think $300 is a lot of money, and should you choose to invest in yourself like this, I will produce something you can be proud of. I will also deliver to you a mix of the recording with your vocal should you want me too.

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