Pro Vocal Edit, Comp, Tuning for $75

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Pro Vocal Edit, Comp, Tuning for $75

Versatile session vocalist, producer & songwriter in Nashville, TN w/ active sync placements, a developed music palette, and a broad range of indie/alternative stylings from Young the Giant, Queen, Tame Impala, Foster the People, Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, U2, BORNS, more!

I'd be glad to assist in vocal edits for you. I have years of experience with editing my own vocals and others from session work I have done both locally and over airgigs.

Also, as a producer, I understand the importance of cleanly editing the files and I am able to do so fairly quickly.

Turnaround Time:
To edit a Lead vocal, 2 doubles, and 4 bgv's I estimate a day turnaround.

Additional tracks can sometimes take more time, and require additional costs that will be discussed before hand.

1.) Send me your files in a .wav format. I can edit them either with or without the music to accompany, but I prefer the music to make sure the vocal takes are comped with good delivery to match the tempo and cadence of the music.

2.) IYou let me know any specific notes you prefer: minimal breaths, silence the breaths, lower volume of breaths, if you have a desired number of doubles you need created from the files, as well as bgv's etc...

3.) I will provide you with clean comped takes that are tuned and ready to drop in and mix files.

4.) I send back for you to review, you can then ask me to make a round of revisions if you'd like me to replace any comps with a different take or you notice anything I may have not noticed that needs fixing.

5.) I send back for final approval

Addt'l. Revision rounds start at $25

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