Pitch Correct 2-6 Vocal Tracks! for $200

In Audio Editing By iamchinafox

Pitch Correct 2-6 Vocal Tracks! for $200

I will pitch correct all of your vocal tracks using the Melodyne program, giving your vocals that extra push toward perfection without putting any robotic type of effects on them. No autotune will be used, solely organic and meticulous note placement with a little help from yours truly.

I will correct 2-6 vocal tracks, if you have less than that, we can negotiate a fair price. I am an advocate of great sounding vocals and want to make yours as shimmery as possible!

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  1. Review By: rlweaver2 May 6, 2019

    Produced a great track around vocals from scratch. Created a warm feel that fit well with the melody+lyrics and used her guitar chops for a nice touch.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  2. Review By: WONGGEORGE320 Nov 6, 2017

    Excellent results. I am very pleased. China is great to work with, very professional and has a superb voice.

  3. Review By: WONGGEORGE320 Oct 28, 2017

    Excellent work very impressed

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  4. Review By: Karizma Aug 8, 2016

    Good job! Vocals very up to date!

  5. Review By: FretBuzzStudios Apr 19, 2016

    Very easy to work with, very communicative. Vocals sounded killer.

  6. Review By: hiramsmac Apr 18, 2016

    China Fox is a true professional. Exactly the timbre and sound I was looking for with quick turnaround and attention to detail.

  7. Review By: mikeclay Mar 26, 2016

    Great Job !!! This song is the Bomb, Vocals are on point .....

  8. Review By: shannah Mar 17, 2016

    China is an amazing vocalist. Her vocals are very youthful and current. She worked really hard at getting the song just right. She has a very professional attitude and really knows music.

  9. Review By: mikeclay Feb 25, 2016

    Great job !!!! Thanks for being a pro..... Hot Vocals # 1 ( FAN )

  10. Review By: shannah Feb 20, 2016

    China's vocals are absolutely stunning! She added beautiful harmonies and background vocals which took my song to a higher level. She is nice to work with, highly professional, and her quick turn-around time was very impressive.

  11. Review By: joeworshiper Feb 18, 2016

    China is incredible and very talented. I highly recommend her! She did an amazing job on my project and took it to another level.

  12. Review By: mikeclay Feb 17, 2016

    China is a professional, very involved through out the process & deliver very nice work. I have worked with other singers & I can say that I felt robbed, but with China I felt like she was in the studio next to me & putting just as much work into my project as she would do her own. MUCH LOVE C-LAY !

  13. Review By: Sunknight Dec 27, 2015

    Great Job!

  14. Review By: Sunknight Nov 30, 2015

    I am really impressed with your choices for my song. It was a song filled to the brim with different tracks and yet you found meaningful appropriate guitar tracks that added that "real" feel I needed for this song. Thank you for all of your hard work. I am blessed to have met you.

  15. Review By: Sunknight Nov 30, 2015

    Great Job China! You are the best :)

  16. Review By: Sunknight Oct 20, 2015

    China, did an awesome job adding vocals to my song! Her vocals on both lead and background were warm and inviting. There are great colors to her sound, that I just fell in love with. I hope to continue to work with her in the near future.

  17. Review By: kklsze Sep 30, 2015

    iamchinafox is fabulous, very responsive and follow briefs very well. She has a great voice and great personality to match! I definitely recommend her.