What can an affordable and professional singer and songwriter do for your music?

No matter how good your instrumental may sound music wise, you need the polish and appeal of genuinely catchy lyrics and lead vocals that draw the listener in. Whether you're a hip-hop producer or or a country songwriter, having a professional sounding demo singer for your projects WILL increase your value and interests. We want to help you sound great for as affordably as possible and China Fox is the professional level voice to get there.

If you're tired of underwhelming vocals that miss the mark or maybe your songs need help getting finished lyrics, vocals or arrangements and background vocals it's time to contact me. From casual projects to new and break out industry leading music brands, China Fox provides a cost effective, professional and 100% unique high quality solution that works for your music.

Who is China Fox?

As a well seasoned professionally trained and active recording artist with both lyric writing skills as well as years of lead/background vocal production experience (degree in Music Production Engineering),
China Fox is a forward thinking recording artist who is providing amazing high quality demo and vocal recording services at a fraction of the retail price for a limited time online and through word of mouth referral.

Regardless of how small or large your project, you will be delivered excellent top quality genuine songwriting and vocal recording performance custom written and made to YOUR music.

I understand what it takes to bring a song to that shiny, industry standard level. Let me upgrade your song for cheap while I am still available publicly here on Airgigs.com