Professional Vocal Pitch Correction and Editing for $25

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Professional Vocal Pitch Correction and Editing for $25

I have been editing and pitch correcting vocals for a number of years now,  so I've got plenty of experience to meet your pitch correcting needs. I have a great ear to make sure all your vocals are tuned up to industry standard. It's 2019 and almost every song on the radio has some kind of pitch correction on it, and your song requires to same treatment to be competitive in the market.

I manually tune vocals note by note using Melodyne to make it sound as natural and organic as possible. This method is much better than simply using Auto Tune, because it allows for individual note corrections, time correction, vibrato control and so on.

I also de-breath vocals, de-noise recordings, remove pops, eliminate noise/hum, un-distort and clean great vocal performances that may suffer from bad recordings and bring them sound professionally recorded to industry standard.

Please message me before you place the order so that I can listen to your track and give your an exact quote for your individual needs.

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