Complete Audio Edit! for $30

In Audio Editing 100% Guarantee By Erin Kelly

Complete Audio Edit! for $30

I am a professional audio production manager with 4 years of experience working in a renowned recording studio in Scotland. I record, edit, and mix podcasts and voice overs every day for companies such as Disney, the BBC, and VirginMedia.

I use Pro Tools and Waves software, and my process for editing is to go through the audio with a fine tooth comb and put things into time and remove mistakes.

If the editing is music based then I will need an hour or so per song - as long as the recording is mostly in time and longer if not. If it is podcasts/audiobook then I will need double whatever the length of the audio is (an hour for a half hour long file). I can remove noise, mistakes, and put files into time. With each hour I allow 1 revision!

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