Award Winning Track Mix for $50

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Award Winning Track Mix for $50

Have your track mixed by an award winning sound engineer, with experience in all genres of music from pop to choral, and metal to hip hop and country. I will mix your track using Pro Tools and a wide array of Waves, Celemony, iZotope, and Abbey Road plugins. One song can contain up to 30 tracks, and I will deliver the first version of the mix to you in 2 days after I have downloaded the files. After this, please use your 2 revisions to communicate all changes you wish to be made, so we can make your track exactly what you dreamed of!

Please note that if any edits/take comps are to be made - ensure these are either done before the files are sent to me or if you need a hand I have an editing service as well.

Shipwrecks Mix Sample

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