True Performance Editing for vocals and instruments for $100

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True Performance Editing for vocals and instruments for $100

Please view my resume below. For vocals, bass/acoustic/electric guitars, piano/keys/synth, and percussion tracks.

It's all about the cut & paste. I will identify and use your track's best performances to create a natural sounding master performance track, finding those amazing nuances that add character to the performance. I'll also time and fix the leveling. Auto tuning, doctoring, and pitch correction can diminish the performance and should only be used as a last resort. I will take the time to produce the best performance your track has to offer, without correction tools and plugins.

You will receive one file with a dry track.. Additional edited lead vocal tracks are $50 extra per track. Auto tuning and pitch correction will be included if needed.

Adding suitable EQs, compressors, FXs et.c. to your vocal track is additional $100.
(You will receive one file with a dry vocal, and one file with fx.

- Produced, recorded, and edited over 100 songs for major publishing and record
- Singer/Frontman/Recording Artist w/ music group Cool For August, Warner
Brothers Records
- Songwriter, Hitco Entertainment
- Songwriter, Classic Music Publishing/ Kevin "Shakespeare" Briggs (producer-
Pink, Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston, N'Sync)
- Tours in multiple countries, with Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20, No Doubt, Creed,
Wallflowers, Limp Bizkit, Fuel, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, & many others.
- Television performances & appearances on MTV, Conan O'Brien, VH1, & other
live TV performances in multiple countries around the world.
- Worked with producers & mixers such as Matt Serletic, Matt Hyde, Tom Lord
Alge, Bob Clearmountain, and many others.


Original song
  • Maybe
  • Dont Ask Me
  • On My Way

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