Professional Audio Editing and Tuning for $10

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Professional Audio Editing and Tuning for $10


I enjoy editing all types of projects and would love to help you create a professional and polished production.

Price is for 10 mins of audio. (Fine tuning with Melodyne $10 per 1 min of audio).

I will clean up and organize your project ensuring that the intricate details of your voice, sound or music are preserved.

I can work on any type of audio that you require, including:

- Podcast
- Music (vocals, instrumentation)
- Hypnosis and meditation
- Radio shows
- Voice over
- Audiobooks
- Language Tapes
- Video game projects
- Lectures
- Interviews

My job only ends when you are 100% happy. If you need any more info or would like a custom job send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Every project is different so please contact me before placing an order.


- Organization of audio and removal of unwanted sections
- Removal of background noise
- Removal of verbal flubs
- Enhancement of sound
- Stereo Panning
- Tuning sounds and vocals
- Mixing and mastering
- Volume level and tonal balance
- Audio repair
- Splitting, merging, compressing and converting audio files
- Adding sound effects and royalty free music

Tuned Vocal Sample - After

  • Tuned Vocal Sample - After
  • Vocal Sample - Before

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