Italian Pro Voice Over for $50

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Italian Pro Voice Over for $50

I'm an Italian Voiceover, actor and singer;

THE PRICE (50 euros) is intended for 1 to 3 minutes of finished audio, with 2 revisions maximum. If the script is longer than 3 minutes, please contact me to discuss together price and conditions;

I can delivery Italian VoiceOver for Audiobook, Commercial, Voicemail, Documentary, Dubbing and other;
I can record with different italian or foreign accents or obviously Standard italian accent (dizione);
I even make vocal impressions or Act with various vocal style;

In any case, better contact me before placing an order, to discuss the job togheter and give you a better service!

Audiobook - Siddharta

Estratto da audiolibri - Standard Italian accent
  • Audiobook - Siddharta
  • Commercial - Stosa Cucine
  • Corporate - Election instructions
  • Audiobook - Non svegliate Don Eupremio

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