The Best Guitar Or Bass Tab For You for $20

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Vuk Dimitrijevic

The Best Guitar Or Bass Tab For You for $20

Hello my friend!

I am a professional guitarist/transcriber from Serbia and I offer my transcription service on airgigs.

My speciality is transcribing exact part from the recording and making a note per note accurate transcription in Guitar Pro. So if there is for instance a very intricate solo part or chord progression or bass line you really would like to learn to play or you are dying know what the guy on the recording originally played than my service is for you:).


- For 20$ i transcribe ONE TRACK guitar OR Bass OR solo guitar up to 1 minute
- Every additional minute is 20$ extra
- For longer transcriptions I send you a custom offer
- I do one day delivery for extra cost depending on the length

I invest time in making the tab which includes the following:

- Figuring out the tunning(drop tunings, 6string basses, 8string guitars...)
- I tab nuances in playing like different types of bends, whammy bar action, tapping, slapping, poping...
- I use effects in guitar pro to embellish the sound and give you more authentic representation
- I tab strumming pattern how exactly a strum is executed

Before ordering please contact me and send me audio/yt link of the song and I will let you know what I think because not all recordings are suitable for transcription, also if you have questions again contact me.

Kind Regards,

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