Transcription on Guitar Pro 7 and PDF File for $12

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Transcription on Guitar Pro 7 and PDF File for $12

Please contact me before ordering in order to give a budget.
I deliver transcriptions on any Solo or Song, on most instruments but more specifically on Guitar and Bass, in Guitar Pro and PDF File. My minimum fee is 12 dollars and then I charge by minute of transcription, depending on the difficulty of the piece in order to enrure a quality transcription.

Last year I started transcribing mostly complex Prog Rock/Metal, Jazz, Jazz Fusion and Blues on the guitar, and until now I have enjoyed it very much and I’ve got very good feedback from my customers. With the experienced I gained, I developed my aural skills and I had the opportunity to transcribe other genres of music like Fingerstyle Guitar and also other instruments like the bass guitar, wind instruments and the drums (I am also learning how to play the drums to it's getting easier for me to figure out drums parts by ear).

I will do my best to transcribe the piece as accurate as possible.
I am looking forward for your request
Thank you

  • Prog rock
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Latin
  • Rock

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