Professional Transcriptions from Audio for $75

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Clemens

Professional Transcriptions from Audio for $75

My name is Clemens and I'm an award-winning composer living in London.
I was studying at the world famous Royal College of Music and I'm offering you professional transcriptions from audio.

The service works like this:
- 1 Instrument: 75$
- 2 Instruments: 85$
- 3 Instruments: 95$
- Full score of 3 or more Instruments: Price needs to be arranged based on the length of the music and the level of difficulty.

Music Length:
-Music with maximum length of 4 minutes : Standard Price
-Music between 4 minutes and 6 minutes: + $10
-Music between 6 minutes and 8 minutes: + $20
-Music longer than 8 Minutes: + $30

Time estimated depends on the length. For shorter pieces for 1 instrument it usually takes 2 to 3 days, for more difficult parts and music longer than 4 minutes we need to arrange an additional payment accordingly to the work needed.

What I deliver to you:
- PDF of the transcription(s)
- Music-Xml File(s)
- Dorico file(s)
- Sibelius file can be provided on request.

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