Transcriptions and Tabs for bass , guitar, horns for $20

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Dmitry Nesmyslov

Transcriptions and Tabs for bass , guitar, horns for $20

Hi there! I have been registered here sice 2017 but only now I have created this service because I was gaining by transcribing skill. I won't tell you many good words about myself! As a new service here I will make the first transcription for the small price to get the ranking stars.
Here is my youtube channel where you can see my transcribing work of different songs

Plus here is the Pdf files links where you can download the transcriptions for free to learn more about my transcribing work:

Or you can just click the link with my transcriptions and tabs folder

I'm a pro musician from Moscow, Russia. I've been playing many gigs for years.
BUT! For these years I have made many transcriptions for myself because the songs i was learning did't have the tabs or sheet music. So I had to transcribe every song, and even if i had found the tabs they were not right at least for 50%!

You can be for 100% sure that the trancriptions and tabs that I transcribe are totally right.
The transcribing files that I'm gonna to send you are going to be in two ways:
PDF and Guitar Pro with transcriptions and tabs.

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