Transcription for any song into lead sheet for $15

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Wei Le

Transcription for any song into lead sheet for $15

Do you have a piece of music you would play but can't find any proper chord chart or sheet music?
Are you a recording artist/songwriter looking for a proper chord chart to give out to musicians?
Do you have a demo of your own singing and want the music to be written out?

$15 per minute of music
Custom offers are accepted!
Feel free to ask

What you'll get:
Lead Sheet(chord chart)
Lyrics in the score(if your song has vocal part)
Notation of the melody(if requested)
Key changes(if you like to have a different key than the original key)
Song form arranged according to the recording OR as you wish

*I can do for any languages of songs. Instrumental and vocal songs.
*You'll get the music sheet in .pdf format

(Any request would be considered and to be discussed. I'll do what you want.)
*If you want lyrics and chords only, I can do it too.

Let's work together, contact me for any inquiries.

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