Harp arrangement and composition for $500

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Harp arrangement and composition for $500

Ana Marija started studying with professional harp teachers when she was 12 together with violin and vocal lessons. She graduated from the Jovan Bandur Music in primary and high School education in harp major, as valedictorian in Pancevo, Serbia. Later she received her Bachelor and Masters degree in harp performance from the University of Belgrade in 2013. During her training, she joined many private master classes with world renowned harpist and she ranked very high in many of the national and international harp competitions in which she participated, receiving first place and a special prize – Bardic 27 Camac harp at the 2010 International Harp Competition in Slovenia. Ana Marija is trained in classical music, but she also loves to play hymns and worship songs, as well as make her own arrangements and original compositions for the harp.

She has performed solo, as well as with orchestral and chamber groups, throughout Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Germany), as well as around the world (USA, Canada, Israel) for over 15 years. She has performed at many different venues: symphony halls, opera house, museums, weddings, funerals, private homes, a prayer breakfast, for Christian organizations (InterVarsity, Joni and Friends), business events, fundraisers, nursing homes, White palace of Serbian crown-prince and crown-princess, orphanage, and on the streets. Ana Marija played at the wedding of the famous tennis player, Novak Đoković, by the Adriatic sea in Montenegro, and at the White Palace where Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine reside.

Ana Marija is also a harp teacher. She has recorded three albums featuring Christian worship songs (most of them with her arrangements) and classical pieces on the harp, and has participated in a number of orchestral and collaborative album recordings.

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Still - Hillsong

I have made arrangement for already existing song Still
  • Still - Hillsong
  • Katie's Dance

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