Rock Arrangement And Production for $200

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Rock Arrangement And Production for $200

My name is Mateo. I am a music composer, producer and audio engineer from Croatia with over 7 years of experience.

Although genres outside of that can definitely come into consideration, I am most experienced with modern rock, hard rock, metal (but not death metal, black metal and similiar 'extreme' genres).

I can recreate a certain sound if you provide me with references, but please keep them at a reasonable number, max. 3.

I do drums programming in Superior Drummer 3, but that doesn't mean they will sound aritfitial or digital in any way. Extensive practice, research and knowledge about SD3 and drum playing technique provides me with enough skill to make the programmed drums sound as they were recorded in a studio.

If that doesn't satisfy your senses however, I will arrange a drum recording session in a professional studio. This is not included in the listed price!

Mixing is included as a part of this service.

Always feel free to reach out for any questions!

  • Hard Rock
  • Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Pop-Rock

Modern Rock Demo

Demo of a rock arrangement
  • Modern Rock Demo
  • Hard Rock/Metal Demo

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